About Extreme Race Mufflers

Since Day 1, our goal at Extreme Mufflers is the development of sound control without sacrificing horsepower. As these dyno charts from Ed Pink Racing Engines and Bob Wirth R & D Manufacturing show, we have achieved that.

After years of dyno and track testing, Extreme Mufflers developed a race muffler that doesn’t sacrifice performance for sound levels. Being able to meet tracks’ noise requirements was a win-win for racers, engine builders, track promoters, and the communities.

Unlike most “race mufflers” on the market today that have adverse effects on engine performance, Extreme Mufflers are a flow-thru design and considered a sound abortion style muffler. There are no chambers or walls in the muffler to redirect or restrict the flow to deaden sound, which causes power loss and engine tuning issues. 

One of the other areas we recognized as a problem was the muffler size. It is difficult to fit the muffler into the available area in so many race cars and high-performance applications. So we offer many of our mufflers in various sizes to help with that issue, or we’ve put the correct turnout on it for you to improve the ease of installation.

Whether you are a track promoter or city official trying to deal with race car noise issues, an engine builder wanting to make sure the required exhaust system doesn’t affect your work, or a racer wishing to select the right product to meet your tracks dB requirements, we are here to help.

Meet Dan Wheeler, The Owner

Dan has been in the racing and high-performance industry for over 30 years. Starting at Peterson Publishing, the publisher of Hot Rod, Car Craft, Rod & Custom magazines, and produced the SEMA Show. Later he became a regional sales manager for Sun Electric out of Chicago.

After many years with Sun Electric, Dan started Creative Marketing. They were a performance manufacturing representative agency for the high-performance and racing manufacturers throughout the 11 western states. They represented companies like Borla, working with their distributors and being active at many racing events, from sprint cars to NHRA national events.

Being involved for many years with some aspect of the racing and hi-performance industry, Dan saw issues arising because of city growth for track promoters and some tracks even closing due to race car noise. So, in 2004 he started Extreme Mufflers to help meet the needs of both racers and track promoters.

We look forward to helping you with your race and performance exhaust muffler questions or issues.

Dan Wheeler
Extreme Mufflers