Ventura Raceway Sound Issues


Established in 1902, the Board of Directors of Ventura Fairgrounds voted to build a racetrack to satisfy the resident’s desire for a horse racing venue. Satisfying Ventura and the surrounding community’s need for the “Sport of Kings” for nearly thirty years, the ever-growing popularity of automobile racing soon resulted in converting the racetrack from horse racing to automobile racing. Ventura Raceway has been entertaining race fans since the 1930s and continues to so today.

Ventura Raceway was taken over in 1978 by Jim Naylor, who has successfully managed and promoted the venue. In 2003 Naylor as faced with the surrounding community wanting to shut the facility down as the residential infrastructure grew ever closer to surrounding the fairgrounds. Residents had now grown tired of hearing the noise produced from the race track at night. After countless court hearings, it became clear that drastic changes had to take place; cut the noise level produced during race events, and adjust the time schedule of race events to end them earlier in the evening.

Necessity being the mother of invention, Jim Naylor hooked up with Dan Wheeler owner of Extreme Muffler Technologies of Simi Valley, California. Dan just happened to be developing a unique line of race car mufflers, designed to satisfy growing local noise abatement requirements without horsepower loss. Together with Jim Naylor, Dan took on the challenge of attempting to help save Ventura Raceway. Extreme Mufflers commenced an extensive exhaust muffler program of testing noise levels produced by the various classes of race cars. Dan did testing throughout an evening’s event, both from the interior and exterior of the race venue and from crucial points in the surrounding community.

After months of doing sound testing working with various race teams of varied classes while at the same time proving that they would suffer no loss of horsepower and torque from their expensive race engines by the addition of well-engineered race mufflers, Dan developed a racing muffler that worked to everyone’s satisfaction.

Today race teams embraced the use of the Extreme Muffler “PRO-SERIES” of racing exhaust mufflers on their race vehicles and can continue to compete at Ventura Raceway. Jim Naylor through an aggressive approach to solving a problem, long with Extreme Mufflers, has saved Ventura Raceway from closure and has satisfied the surrounding community from disrupting noise. Ventura Raceway and the local community continue to enjoy the much-needed revenue that local automobile racing produces. Indeed a “WIN, WIN” situation for all involved.