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Looking For Light Weight, Dyno Proven No HP or Torque Loss Mufflers?

Are Your Race Mufflers Robbing HP?

After years of development and track testing, Extreme Mufflers brings you the race mufflers that will meet track dB requirements without giving up the horsepower you worked so hard to develop.

As we all know, the most expensive horsepower is that last 20 to 50 hp. 

Why give it away by installing just any muffler?

Just because the box claims to be a high-flow or race muffler, you may still be losing 15 to 30 horsepower with the installation of just any "race muffler."

Check out the independently done dyno test charts on our race mufflers from well-known engine builders.

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Attention Racers and Race Track Promoters

There are many race tracks throughout the country under siege from neighboring communities due to noise issues.

These communities are trying to close down our race tracks because of noise pollution.

It’s time that all of us in the racing community start becoming proactive by policing ourselves regarding noise pollution.

What dB Levels Should Be Expected:

-Tracks with limited noise issues: dB levels are around 100 dB
-Tracks with noise issues: dB levels should be 95 dB or less
-California & other State Fairgrounds dB levels by law are 95 dB.
-Tracks with community issues: dB levels should be 88 dB to 93 dB

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